Word-Free Knuckle Tattoo Designs

Word-Free Knuckle Tattoo Designs

25 May 2022
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Many people who get tattoos across their knuckles will pick words that appeal to them. For example, you might choose an eight-letter word and have one letter tattooed onto the knuckles of your eight fingers. While knuckle tattoos that feature words are common, they're not your only option. If you're interested in tattooing this part of your body but you want a design that doesn't feature words, you have a lot of different options. Do some browsing of photos online, and then contact your local tattoo shop to set up an appointment and discuss your ideas with an artist. Here are some design ideas that don't involve words.

Playing Card Suits

A lot of people who enjoy getting tattoos incorporate the four suits depicted in playing cards into their designs. Some people may feel that using these images offers good luck, while others might enjoy playing various card games and feel that tattoos with these images can be a good fit. If you're looking for a unique knuckle tattoo idea that doesn't involve words, consider having the four playing card suits — clubs, spades, hearts, and diamonds — tattooed onto the four knuckles of one hand in a size that works for you.

Sports Tributes

For a die-hard sports fan, it can be fun to consider different sports-themed tattoos. If you're eager to make your new ink visible to the people you encounter throughout the day, you might think about sports-related tattoos on your knuckles. There are all sorts of different designs that can work well in this position. For example, on the four knuckles of one hand, you might have an image of your team's logo, a rendering of the league logo, an image of the championship trophy, and perhaps even the jersey number of your preferred player. If you have teams you follow in two sports, consider having the knuckles on each hand pay tribute to each team.

Meaningful Emojis

Many people enjoy using emojis so much that they get tattoos with these recognizable images. If you love emojis and are looking for a creative knuckle tattoo design, you may feel that emoji images would work well on this part of your body. One option is to choose a few different happy or funny faces that you feel will bring smiles to people who see your ink throughout the day. You may alternatively want emojis that represent different elements of your life — for example, a beer, a surfboard, a pair of sunglasses, and more.

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