What You Can Expect From Reading A Humanoid Robot Comic Book Series

11 November 2022
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You may anticipate a little break from reality and a good story when reading a humanoid robot comic book series, but there is more to a story you can expect from reading such a series. Action, adventure? Of course. Mystery, conspiracies? Maybe. Here are some things to expect when indulging your mind in a humanoid robot comic book series: Learn a Little Bit About Robots One thing you can expect from reading a humanoid robot comic book series is the opportunity to learn a little about how robots play a role in our society. Read More …

Word-Free Knuckle Tattoo Designs

25 May 2022
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Many people who get tattoos across their knuckles will pick words that appeal to them. For example, you might choose an eight-letter word and have one letter tattooed onto the knuckles of your eight fingers. While knuckle tattoos that feature words are common, they're not your only option. If you're interested in tattooing this part of your body but you want a design that doesn't feature words, you have a lot of different options. Read More …

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